What to Wear in Dubai – Best Clothing Advice & Packing Tips 2021

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Dubai is a modern and progressive country that follows Islamic countries. It attracts millions of tourists every year as there are many things to do, to see, and to buy. If we talk about dressing all the residents and travelers are required to dress modestly. It’s not because you will be fined or punished but it’s good to respect the country you are visiting.

What to pack or wear in Dubai must be quite challenging especially if you are visiting Dubai for the first time. You need to search for a proper dress code and you can easily do it. Make sure to don’t buy anything higher than your knees. Obviously, girls can wear bikinis or whatever while visiting any specific beaches or bars. For a more convenient trip, you can also opt for rental vehicle or Rent A Car Dubai services.

We have put together all this knowledge to help you understand what to wear in Dubai, what not to wear, and packing essentials advice.


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– What to wear in Dubai?

– Is there a proper dress code in Dubai?

– What to wear while visiting a mosque?

– What to pack for the Dubai visit?


What to wear in Dubai?

The answer to this question is that it totally depends on the months in which you are traveling in Dubai. The temperature of Dubai varies in different months. Most of the months are hot though, and the temperature reaches almost 50 degrees. You can experience mild winters maybe in December and January when the temperature is around 20 to 24 degrees.

Pack light clothes if you are traveling in the summer season. Just don’t buy shorts that are higher than knees and of course, don’t roam around in your undergarments. For winters, you should pack hats, thick layers of clothes (jeans, shirts), or jackets if you want to be out late at night. Nights can be very chilly especially if you are on the desert side.



Is there a proper dress code in Dubai?

UAE is an Islamic country and that’s why visitors are expected to dress in modest clothing. It is mentioned on the official website of the government as well that tourists are expected to dress properly in public places like shopping malls, cinemas, parks, and around other tourist attractions in Dubai. While packing your dress keep the following pointers in your mind.


– Don’t pack a dress that shows offensive logos, slogans, or inappropriate images.

– Don’t even think about packing the transparent dress, also don’t pack the clothes that expose your body parts.

– You can pack swimwear but they can only be worn when you are visiting swimming pools or certain private beaches.

– Nudity is strictly prohibited so don’t even think of topless sunbathing.

– Females don’t have to wear abaya or scarf in public places but the dress should be covering your body.

– All tourists are encouraged to wear clothes that cover their arms and legs.



What to wear while visiting a mosque?

There are many beautiful mosques in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Many tourists are interested to give these mosques a visit. Women will be asked to cover themselves from head to toe while visiting mosques out of the respect of the holy places of Muslims. You may find the abayas and hijab as mosques stock that for the ones who didn’t come prepared. Not only women, but men also have to dress appropriately to visit any mosque in the UAE.



What to pack for the Dubai visit?

We have collected all the stuff for men and women to pack for their Dubai visit. All these ideas will help you to get prepared for dress on the different occasions in Dubai or any other UAE city.



Women packing list for Dubai trip


– Shirts and T-shirts: As we mentioned earlier, you need to wear full clothes so better pack the cotton breathable shirts. You can also pack tank tops or singlets.

– Jeans and shorts: Pack the jeans and shorts that should be below the knee. Also, bring trousers if you want to head towards the desert. You can also bring your leggings with you.

– Cardigan and jackets: Bring the light jacket and cardigan if you are visiting around Christmas or new year. You will need to wear them outside.

– Scarf: Females are advised to bring a scarf so they can use it whenever needed.

– Swimwear and undergarments: Undergarments are a must while packing essentials for your trip. You can also bring swimwear so you could use it on the beaches or swimming pools.

– Shoes: You can bring sneakers, flip flops, trainers, or sandals accordingly.



Men packing list for Dubai trip

 – Collared and T-shirts: Men are advised to bring polo shirts for daily use. Also, bring nice collared shirts, you may need those in Dubai.

– Pants and shorts: Pack the Bermuda style knee-length shorts. Also, pack a pair of two of the long pants as you need them occasionally even if you are more of a shorts person.

– Jackets and goggles: Of course the men outfit is incomplete without a proper pair of goggles. Don’t forget to pack jackets if you are traveling in the winter season.

– Undergarments and sleepwear: Don’t forget to pack your undergarments according to your stay. Also, pack swim trunks, multiple socks, and sleepwear.

– Shoes: Don’t forget to bring shoes according to your trip’s nature. You can bring flip-flops, joggers, trainers, etc.




There it is, the tourists and travelers! We have discussed a lot of things about what to wear in Dubai, what not to wear, and packing other essentials for your trip. Also, don’t forget your traveling goggles and sunscreen to protect your eyes and skin from harsh UV rays. Just pack smart according to your trip duration and season.


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