What is an Ideal Fashion designer salary out of India?

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Today, the term fashion holds different meanings to every person. Some relate it to trends or stylish garments, while others see it as a lucrative career opportunity. In the years gone by, we have witnessed this word evolving and seeing new highs. In present times, a fashion designer can earn huge chunks of money. However, as much as it is about skills and creativity, the place or location of work also plays a huge role in determining the payscale of a fashion Designer. In this blog, we have covered the nations that pay the highest to interior designers. Keep reading on to know more


Belgium is an ideal place to work for interior designers and fashion designers. A fashion designer in Belgium has a chance to earn as much as 67.5 €. The designers also make additional money as bonuses. If you have initial experience in the field, Belgium employers or clients are willing to pay a minimum of 47 €. Additionally, as you gain more experience, your earnings increase exponentially. Thus, Belgium is a great place to start as an interior designer.



It might not be surprising to hear that a fashion designer’s salary in Canada is $86 and bonuses also form part of their pay scale. Someone in the industry with not much exposure can easily earn $61,552 in a place like Canada. While a fashion designer who has numerous experiences in the field can command a higher salary in comparison to budding fashion designers. More experience gives you more digits to your salary.



A lavish lifestyle si not the mere thing that fashion designer in Germany enjoys. Their salary is the real big thing. Surveys tell that an average fashion designer in Germany earns somewhere 65 €. This sum is exclusive of bonuses that many employees are keen for. If you are starting as a fashion designer in Germany, expect a payscale of 45 €. Germany is like a dream country to work for many senior-level fashion designers who make hefty money per annum.


United States

A fashion designer in the US can expect a pay of $58907 per annum. Austin, Manhattan, Newark, Irvine, Los Angeles, New York, and Brooklyn are some of the US cities that are the top-most priority of interior designers worldwide because of their profitable career opportunities. Though the earnings of a fashion designer may differ from city to city or place to place, still the US is better in comparison to several other cities and countries in many ways.



France is the home to the world’s fashion capital, Milan. Countless fashion designers in India and residing in other regions of the world fly to France in the hope of growing professionally. A fashion designer in France has an expected pay of 5857 €. Furthermore, good bonuses are also offered. A fashion designer’s expected salary in France is €41760. While fashion designers at senior level positions get the benefit of their immense industry experience and get handsome pay.

We would love to know which your dream country to work as a fashion designer and why? Do tell us your answers below in the comment section. Also, feel free to connect with our team of fashion designers in case of any queries. We are a group of dedicated and passionate fashion designers with countless years of experience who are keen to take fashion to a new level.


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