Victoria’s Secret presents Lily Aldridge’s kitchen nightmare

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Victoria’s Secret seems to be on a roll with its videos lately. Last week, the brand released one in which supermodel Martha Hunt left her apartment in her underwear and let the door close behind her, finding herself forced to knock on a neighbor’s door.

Today, in a new clip uploaded to the brand’s YouTube channel, Lily Aldridge makes a clumsy yet ultimately successful attempt at hosting a dinner party. After multiple spills, the hostess decides to cook in her underwear between wardrobe changes to prevent further damage.

The video, which spotlights Aldridge’s slim figure, is first and foremost a marketing tool: when the model is in her underwear, a pop-up button invites the viewer to “Get the look.” In one click, shoppers are taken to the corresponding product page on the brand’s website. Simple and effective.


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