Victoria Beckham to create documentary with Skype

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According to Vogue, the idea is to “give the audience opportunities to engage directly” with the designer, perhaps with a Q&A session, although the picture is still vague.

Set to appear later in the autumn, the partnership will offer “intimate access into the previously unseen world of Victoria Beckham’s story. Skype will bring the story of a driven designer and businesswoman to life in a groundbreaking storytelling format, as well as offer inspiration to fashion enthusiasts, aspiring creatives and entrepreneurs,” according to Skype.

Beckham used the video chatting service regularly in order to keep in touch with her design team in London while she was living with her family in Los Angeles where husband David (you might have heard of him) plied his trade as a soccer star. 

She’s not the only star harnessing the power of Skype for her creative ends. Dissident Iranian filmmker Jafar Panahi used the service earlier this year to make an appearance at a film festival in the Czech Republic, despite his being banned from foreign travel. 

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