Valentine’s Day Date Night Outfit Ideas for Men and Women

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Valentine’s day is just around the corner and if you’ve got a date, you’ll want to dress for the occasion. Surprisingly, it can be challenging to set just the right tone with a Valentine’s Day outfit. You don’t want to dress too casually, but you also don’t want to be overly fancy either, especially if it’s a first date or a date that includes more than one activity. You’ll definitely want a versatile outfit for that! For couples, you might even want to coordinate your outfits for especially Instagram-worthy photographs. Here are some ideas for both men and women who are celebrating the day of love.


Fun and Flirty

A night out on the town isn’t exactly like it used to be before the pandemic, but for a Valentine’s Day date, women still want to dress up at least a little. After all, who knows when places may shut down again. Take the chance to have some fun while looking your best. Choose a high-waist mini-skirt (black leather is stunning) and pair it with a pink, lavender, or red cropped sweater or long-sleeved cardigan. Add a gold chain belt and a pair of glossy black stilettos, which always make an outfit look fancier than it otherwise would be.

If you live in a colder climate, choose a thicker cardigan up top and chunky ankle boots, along with a faux black leather jacket to keep you warmer on your way to the restaurant or venue. While reds, pinks, and purples certainly convey the Valentine’s Day theme, choose black and gold if you prefer more muted colors that still go well with the holiday.


A Splash of Color

Valentine’s Day often has a feminine connotation to it and men sometimes look at it as a holiday they simply must endure. But, men can have just as much fun on this day as women do, especially if they take the opportunity to dress up a little for their date. The best way to bring a little Valentine’s Day into your outfit is to include one boldly-colored accessory or clothing item that stands out from the rest of your clothes. For example, if you’re going to a fancy restaurant, a black or charcoal gray suit with a pink or red tie will convey the right mood for the evening.

Not a tie guy? No problem. Choose a light pink dress shirt or crew neck to wear under a black or gray sports coat. Pair the shirt and jacket with black jeans or slacks and deck shoes. Keep it classic with a gold- or silver-toned watch and perhaps a thin chain around your neck. If it’s too warm for a sports or suit jacket, opt for a red crew neck or a red checkered flannel shirt with blue or black jeans and sneakers.


Have Fun!

There are also plenty of Valentine’s Day-themed clothing available for men and women as well. These are fun heart-covered or lipstick-kiss-covered shirts, scarves, and socks. While they may not be fancy enough for a dinner date on a regular night, they’ll fit right in on Valentine’s Day.



Dressing up for Valentine’s Day is a long-held tradition, and even though many traditions have gone by the wayside during the pandemic, it’s time to bring back the Valentine’s Day outfit. This year, take some time to pick out the perfect clothes for your date and enjoy the holiday.


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