Uniqlo launches kids’ collection

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As of Monday the pieces are available exclusively online, before they hit physical stores on August 23. It’s the full European debut for the brand, which is currently present on the continent with stores in the UK and France.

Uniqlo previously released children’s clothes as part of its Uniqlo Undercover collection, designed by Japanese streetwear expert Jun Takahashi. And back in 2007 the company created a Uniqlo Kids Store on Broadway in New York City.

Uniqlo Europe boss Berndt Hauptkorn was excited to launch children’s clothes, saying the collection “encapsulates the high quality design aesthetic and innovative fabrics that UNIQLO uses across all its collections.”

The pieces follow the classic adult styles, but according to the brand they have been “adjusted to fit a kid’s lifestyle,” with hook loops and name tags on jackets and adjustable waist bands on some of the pants. Pockets have also been specially reinforced to prevent tears

The babies’ collection will be exclusively available at Uniqlo Westfield London, at Uniqlo La Défense and So Ouest in Paris, and online. 

Prices range from £5.90 – £49.90 in the UK and €5.90 – €49.90 in France.


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