Topshop and Pistol Panties launch swimwear capsule collection

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Winner of the ‘Swimwear Brand of the Year’ award at the 2012 UK Lingerie Awards, Pistol Panties is hot property. 

Now British retail giant Topshop has decided  to work with the brand on a new range of swimwear for Spring/Summer 2013. It was an opportunity Pistol Panties couldn’t turn down:

“We are always on the lookout for cool collaborations with companies that we feel are the right fit,” the brand’s designer Deborah Fleming, told Vogue UK.

The collection appears at a slightly more accessible price point than the Pistol Panties main line, with the ‘Farah’ and ‘Fortuna’ one-pieces coming in at £75 (approx €90) each, and bikinis starting at £59 (approx €70). Covered in vibrant prints, the retro style designs feature daring cutaways on the swimsuits and dashing prints. 

“It’s the kind of swimwear that makes you stand out on the beach — really show-stopping swimwear,” added Fleming. “I also like to think of it as swimwear that you can just wear out with a pair of high heels, if you’re daring enough.” 

The Copacabana-inspired range will be released from May this year internationally at Topshop stores and online. 


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