Tokyo Fashion Week: highlights from day one

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Tamae Hirokawa opted for an installation to show off her latest collection, with pieces presented both on live models and fixed mannequins. The clothes included elaborate futuristic bodices and skintight catsuits worn with heelless metallic platform shoes. 


Toshikazu Iwaya’s label served up some fun headgear including woven panama hat/baseball cap hybrids for boys and babushka-style headscarves. Elsewhere there were lots of colorful prints including a wild goblin motif, lipstick stain kisses, leopard skin, and explosive geometrics. 

Hanae Mori

Now designed by Yu Amatsu, the well-established Japanese house’s Spring/Summer 2015 collection featured a blend of sporty and tailored pieces, with some classic Grecian-style gowns to finish. Alongside the muted neutral colors, there were also some fractured butterfly wing prints. 

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