Tips on Avoiding a Botched Nose Job

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Rhinoplasty is one of the most complexes of all plastic surgery procedures since the nose has lots of complex moving parts. Careless or poor, surgical procedures can, at times, lead to a permanent deformity. When the nose job goes wrong, it is not just the physical appearance, and the aesthetic appeal will be affected. Sometimes, the person might as well suffer from other health issues like breathing problems if the issue is not fixed. This is the reason why it is best to avoid getting a botched nose job from the word go. Here are some tips that can help you avoid getting unwanted outcomes from your nose job surgery.

Do thorough research before you make a decision.

The decision to go through a nose job or rhinoplasty is not a thing to be taken lightly. When thinking of a nose job, be clear first with your expectations, what you desire, and the results, of course. Check out well the before and after photos of rhinoplasty before making a decision to go through the procedure and before selecting the right surgeon. Do your due diligence when researching their qualifications, as well as their experience. Remember that a nose job will change your face permanently; therefore, you are supposed to know every detail regarding the procedure. Knowledge is power, and this is a hundred percent the case with cosmetic surgery and especially nose job.

Choose your surgeon well.

There is a possibility that the nose may get botched when an inexperienced surgeon does the procedure. It is good to do some due diligence when you are doing some research. You should have some background information on their experience and qualification. Plastic surgeons that have been into practice for several years are likely to do an awesome job. Therefore their patients are sure of getting more satisfied with the procedure. These patients, also due to the wonderful doctor surgery, may refer more patients. An experienced surgeon will also make clear on what to expect before, throughout, and after the nose job surgery. He will provide vital information to make sure you get a quick recovery and recommend the date when the patient may return to work after having the nose job procedure.

Choose a surgeon who uses digital imaging.

Digital imaging techniques can be used so that you can have a look at diverse options and how rhinoplasty surgery outcomes will appear on your face. This is important because you reduce the chances of the botched nose since you have a wide variety of plastic surgery that you can choose and tell the doctor what you really like. The rhinoplasty specialists of New Jersey use imaging to show the patient how different changes may appear after the surgery. Here, each rhinoplasty surgery is carefully tailored with a lot of knowledge on anatomical structures, facial harmony, as well as the patient’s desired look.

Be clear about the results you want

Plastic surgeons, especially the experienced ones, have done several rhinoplasty procedures in the course of their careers. Because they perform these processes repeatedly, they know whatever they are doing. They will be able to advise and give you an idea of how the results would look like, as well as know-how to this procedure, will successfully meet your expectations. They offer you a chance to explain what you really want so as to reduce the chance of getting a botched nose and any other unwanted results. Having a good combination of realistic expectations, doctor’s skills, and experience, this procedure can generate a beautiful natural nose that will enhance your facial appearance for a lifetime.

Follow the after-care instructions of your surgeon to the letter.

Instructions are very important! The doctor always gives instructions after the rhinoplasty procedure, and these instructions have to be followed word to word. This will ensure that there are no subsequent infections that may arise in the area. The surgical procedure might be successful, but you may end up getting a botched nose in case proper care of the site is not taken care of, and infection may arise. Note that curing of a nose job might take up to a full year or even longer, even though much of the noticeable inflammation will have gone down in the first several months. As a result, extra care and every preventative measure should be taken. If you are self-conscious about how you appear and especially the nose, rhinoplasty surgery is the best option and solution to your problems.

Rhinoplasty surgery is, however, the most common plastic surgeries at the moment and also one of the most complicated plastic surgeries procedures ever done. The research done has shown that a perfect plastic surgeon may perform up to 500 surgeries to be perfect in the procedure. That is why it is very important to choose a plastic surgeon wisely. Getting an experienced plastic surgeon will greatly reduce the chances of getting a botched nose job.

Following these tips greatly reduce the chances of getting your nose botched. If you follow these tips to the latter, you will definitely reduce the risks of getting a botched nose.

Suppose you are thinking of getting rhinoplasty surgery and have some doubt it is good to get a good surgeon to lay down your suspicions and phobias. They will offer you the best advice and be glad to answer any queries that you may have regarding the procedure, and your mind will be at ease regarding getting a botched nose.


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