Tips for Choosing the Right Necklace Length for Your Neckline and Your Outfit

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Do you ever look through your jewelry collection, and in particular your selection of necklaces, and always settle on the same items while giving a number of others the cold shoulder?.Ever wondered why some of your necklace purchases never end up being worn, regardless of how many times you’ve tried them with that killer LBD?

The reasons can be quite simple, and related to the length of the necklace in correlation with your neckline, or could be down to a lack of cohesiveness with your personal style choices, either way there are solutions to all these problems.

In order to help you make the right decisions, when it comes to both your selection of a necklace and the outfit it will best match, take a look at our easy step-by-step guide below, which should go some way to alleviating any issues in this regard.

First, Measure Your Neck

It’s likely you’ve never considered measuring your neck before, very few of us have, but you’d be surprised how effective your necklace choices will be, once you’ve mastered this first step and effectively measured your neck before choosing necklace lengths.

Measuring your neck is especially relevant for chokers and clearly for the purchasing of any necklaces online, where you don’t have the benefit of being able to try on the item that has taken your fancy.

Use a measuring tape, and if you are looking for a good choker then add two inches and four for an average necklace, or pendant.

Adjust Your Choice of Necklace According to Your Neck Measurements

When it comes to making a selection of a type of necklace then you should factor in your own measurements. For instance, if you have a long, lean neck then short chains, such as collars and chokers will not work quite so well, on the whole.

Conversely, if you have a short neck then a longer necklace will work well and will be more flattering. If you have a wide neck then most lengths and chain types will work for you, though thinner chains are perhaps more likely to be a good fit.

Make the Most of Your Features

If you have a prominent collar bone then a long chain will help to draw attention to this pleasing feature. If you have a shorter or wider neck then avoid shorter necklaces and opt for those measuring 40cm or longer. This will cleverly draw the eye from your shorter neck towards your bust. Pendants are also a good way to accentuate this area.

For those of us with longer necks a shorter chain of around 32 to 40cms is a good length and chokers and collar necklaces are ideal for those of us in this bracket. You should also factor in your overall height.

Clearly if you are relatively short then a necklace that is too long will be far too prominent and you should therefore stick with lengths around 35 to 45cm. If you are taller you can wear longer necklaces. If you are on the short side then avoid chunky necklaces as they will be too prominent.

If you have a small bust a long and layered necklace style will be more flattering and if you are busty long chains may not hang well, therefore opt for a necklace that hangs higher on the neckline.

Face Shape Plays a Part Too

Your face shape will also be impacted by the type of necklace you opt for. Heart-shaped faces will work best with chokers or shorter necklaces, those with oval faces can happily get away with most necklace types. If your face is long then clearly a shorter necklace chain will help to round off the look you are looking to achieve.

Matching Your Necklace Length with Your Fashion Choices

If you are looking to make an impact with your choice of necklace then it stands to reason that it needs to be seen. Therefore you’ll want to expose your neck area as much as is feasible.

Therefore clearly outfits with high necklines will obscure and lessen the effect of the item you are wearing. Look to wear v-neck, strapless and off-the shoulder outfits to bring the eyes focus to your neck area.

A 45cm necklace is the most common length and is the most versatile. It will rest nicely and can be worn with most items successfully, from t-shirts to formal attire. If you are opting for evening wear where perhaps you have a high neckline, then the longer the chain the better.

That’s why, for instance, long strands of pearls always go well with an evening gown or cocktail dress, there is effectively more room for your jewelry choice to breathe. It effectively becomes the star of the show.

Some Additional Tips

There are of course many different types of necklace chains, and each of them offers a little something extra, depending on what outfit you have selected from your wardrobe. For instance, a rope style will always go well with elegant business wear and choker works with just about everything but is perhaps less relevant for office occasions.

A matinee chain is good for high necklines and a princess chain, which sits on the collarbone, is classy enough to work with just about anything.

Once you have selected the necklace that works best for you, try it out with various combinations. Clearly there are some ground rules that many follow but all in all it comes to a subjective choice that you should make yourself, regardless of what is laid out in fashion magazines.

After all, if you love it then that’s really all that matters.

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