The Impact of Cosmetic Medicine on the Fashion Industry

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Cosmetic medicine is a growing industry ably aided by advancements in science and technology. While aging is a natural phenomenon, the desire to arrest the aging process is also natural. We want to look young and beautiful always. The fashion industry kindles this longing and also sustains it in a way. On the other hand, the impact of cosmetic medicine on the fashion industry is also true.

The fashion industry is the biggest billboard endorsement for cosmetic medicine. When we see celebrities embracing cosmetic medicine to defy aging we are emboldened to take the step too. In fact, after apparel and make-up, cosmetic medicine is a billion-dollar industry where the anti-wrinkle products market is slated to reach $12.8 billion by 2027 with a year on year revenue growth rate of approximately 6% in 2019-2020.

Wider acceptance

There was a time when going under the knife was not too kindly accepted. Add to that certain horrendous results of cosmetic surgery and public ridicule was a likely after-effect of invasive cosmetic procedures.

However, dedicated clinics and specialists changed the norm. Furthermore, as cosmetic medicine advanced, awareness and information about evidence-based anti-aging treatments among consumers also increased. Better results with minimum or nil surgery turned the tide.

Survival in the fashion industry is quite ruthless but embracing the aesthetics of aging through anti-ageing therapies is well-accepted today. Watching a glowing and perkier Nicole Kidman, Jennifer Aniston, et al year after year is a shout out to aesthetic rejuvenation through cosmetic medicine.

Transparency about cosmetic enhancements

The fashion industry today is more transparent about using cosmetic medicine to alter, elevate or modify features. Celebrities today document and endorse various surgical and non-invasive procedures they undergo making them popular, and widely accepted.

The single largest impact that cosmetic medicine has had on the fashion industry is being almost an inevitable part of raising the beauty standard. Nothing short of perfection is advertised and that same perfection is desired too. While magazines and print work with air-brushing and Photoshop, catwalk and red carpet work with cosmetic surgeries and treatments.

Interlinked trends

With acceptance, awareness, and advancements the fashion industry has raised its standard to natural perfection in beauty. As the use of lasers in cosmetic medicine is developing, so also is the trend for natural looking enhancements rather than extreme alterations. Varied benefits are also boosting the demand for combination treatments such as radiofrequency with micro needling, for instance.

Clothing trends have also showcased the impact of cosmetic surgeries and procedures. While breast augmentations popularised plunging necklines, body sculpting has boosted athletic builds and leisure clothing trends.

Fashion industry narrates a lot of our aesthetic choices. Australia in 2018 underwent 202,642 number of procedures and Australians were spending mostly on botox and wrinkle relaxers. The market has many new products that ensure a smooth complexion and unlined face. Besides, injectables are quite quick and has immediate recovery. However, as with any medical procedure it is important to pre-consult, follow after-care with diligence, and most importantly choose the best provider.


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