Swiss recycled bag company Freitag launches first clothing line with new recycled fabric

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Freitag has been hard at work this summer. The Swiss brand, best known for taking the heavy duty weather-proof tarpaulin from the sides of trucks and repurposing it into courier bags, backpacks and other accessories, has now unveiled its first ever line of clothing. 

So what’s the twist? Bury these looks in the garden and come back in three months and you won’t find them. In fact, the only piece of non-biodegradable material used in the new Freitag clothing is the button closure on the pants, but even this has been engineered to be unscrewed and reused at the end of the clothes’ lives. 

The pieces are all made out of ‘F-ABRIC’, three different materials developed by the brand out of different blends of linen, hemp, and modal (a cotton-like fiber that comes from the Beech tree). The brand’s founders, Markus and Daniel Freitag, opted against cotton for its thirsty and pesticide intensive production, and picked fabric materials that were grown in Europe. 

The clothing collection for men and women includes men’s and women’s long and short sleeve t-shirts, pants, a workdress, and a fabric bag. Women’s t-shirts start at €65 with prices running up to €190 for the men’s pants and the fabric bag. You can shop the line now at Freitag stores and stockists in Zurich, Vienna and Berlin, with more stores coming before the end of the year. 

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