Styles of shirts for men that cannot be missing in the closet

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For an outfit to look good, the colors have to match. Do not forget that one of the most important aspects of dressing well is to enhance the features of your body, and this applies also on shirts. Men should choose the ones that better suit them, both in design and style, choosing the designer that best represents their personalities, for example most men find off-white man t-shirts more classy, and this famous designer made different stars, such as Paul Newman or Ryan Gosling, even more unforgettable in their emblematic roles.

5 must have styles of shirts for men

The shirt is one of the key pieces for the man to show his style. We have chosen 5 types of shirts for men that must be in your closet so that you have fashionable options, put together your look for all occasions and dress appropriately according to the situation.

Basic shirts: White and black

Some designers consider them to be the best men’s shirts. Men’s black shirts are a classic that does not go out of fashion. A black shirt goes very well with a smart suit, for which you should opt for simple long-sleeved shirt models. Men’s black shirts are used for an informal look when combined with jeans and/or by choosing short-sleeved models. On the other hand, white shirts are also a basic classic in a man’s wardrobe. White is the preferred tone to accompany suits, making the look elegant and sophisticated, as well as being versatile for different tie combinations.

Denim shirts

Either for a worn look or for a modern look, denim shirts always set the trends in men’s fashion. The fabric of these shirts adapts perfectly to the current, modern and urban man. The denim shirt can be made in different ranges of colors and shades of blue, from white to the darkest blue.

Plaid shirts

For young people or those looking for a youthful and modern look, checkered shirts in their different variants and color combinations are ideal. Having more than one different color combination in your wardrobe will convey a youthful and rebellious look, especially if you choose a large, checkered fabric.

Mandarin collar men’s shirts

Of oriental origin, Mao collar shirts have become a trend in western men’s fashion. They keep an informal and casual touch, although they can also be worn with luxury suits giving an original and elegant look.

Linen shirts for men

It is the fresh option within the male wardrobe. In addition to being comfortable, they give men of any age an informal and elegant touch. Its versatility of clothing ranges from uniform tones, combined or printed according to taste and the designer.


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