Schiaparelli Creates Online Gallery, ‘Schiaparelli & the Artists’

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Schiaparelli Creates Online Gallery, ‘Schiaparelli & the Artists’


Art and fashion are so often found intertwined, one creating or displaying the other, and in many instances they are one and the same. Maison Schiaparelli, a house known especially in its youth for its outlandish, dramatic, and exotic designs, can boast an extensive history of collaboration and inspiration between the designer and contemporary artists.

On 15th of June, Masion Schiaparelli opened an online gallery offering a view into the relationships between these artists and Elsa Schiaparelli, both direct and indirect. Titled ‘Schiaparelli & the Artists,’ the gallery includes 21 artists who worked with photography, painting, design, sculpture and more, from Andy Warhol and Salvador Dali, to Horst P. Horst and Leonor Fini. Presented as a page of photographs displaying the art, each photograph or drawing can be clicked into to reveal a history surrounding the piece, and its relation to Schiaparelli, whether inspiration or portrayal of her own inspiring effect on the artists.

One slide exhibits the fur bracelet designed in collaboration between Schiaparelli and Meret Oppenheim, the first female artists to have her work included at the MoMA in New York, which set a historic landmark in fashion as well as in art. Another slide offers a photograph of Pablo Picasso’s painting of hands to resemble gloves, which inspired Schiaparelli to in turn create gloves with the illusion of painted fingernails, claws, rings, and scars. We are shown how the artist Man Ray took inspiration from Schiaparelli as well as providing it for her, using her Spring 1939 collection as the inspiration behind his painting ‘Le Beau Temps.’ Man Ray often photographed Schiaparelli’s designs as well.

So many individuals can no doubt empathize with the feeling that a particular piece they have seen or owned has held this awe-inspiring status in their own heart as a piece of art, and a glance through this gallery will only display more thoroughly the effect art has on fashion, and vice-versa. The gallery can be viewed here.


Schiaparelli Creates Online Gallery, ‘Schiaparelli & the Artists’

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