Savile Row exhibition opens in Washington, D.C.

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Sir Peter Westmacott, British ambassador to the United States, is hosting the exhibition “Savile Row and America: a Sartorial Special Relationship,” which opens next week. The event will be held at Westmacott’s Washington, D.C. residence at the British Embassy at 3100 Massachusetts Avenue, NW.

Curated by the critically acclaimed British historian Nick Foulkes, the exhibition demonstrates the historic relationship between Savile Row’s bespoke tailoring and its American patrons. Over 70 outfits and 175 artefacts, including ledgers, patterns, photographs, documents and curiosities, are put on display to pay homage to Savile Row’s past and present American customers. These outfits include those worn by famous names such as J. P. Morgan, Charlie Chaplin, Fred and Adele Astaire, Frank Sinatra, George Bush Senior, Ronald Reagan, Steve McQueen, Michael Jackson, and many more.

“Today 70 percent of Savile’s bespoke tailoring goes abroad, and we would like to see even more of it here in the U.S.,” stated Westmacott.

The exhibition is separated into eight different rooms dedicated to: military uniforms; the pattern; Sir Winston Churchill; daywear; tartan; formalwear; show business; and Bentley.

Chairman of the Savile Row Bespoke Association, Pierre Lagrange, predicts the exhibition will travel to other parts of the world after it leaves Washington.

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