Round Sunglasses: The Key 90s Trend That’s Making a Major Comeback in 2023

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Whether you were there the first time around and have fond memories from the 1990s of the decade’s synonymous round glasses or are keen to try out this eyewear trend for the first time, we’ve got the style guide you need!

Whatever your face shape and personal preferences when it comes to sunglasses, there are ways to make this year’s key trend work for you to get the perfect 90s throwback look.


The Rise of the 90s Round Sunglasses

Several factors combined to make round sunglasses one of the key fashion trends of the 1990s. Foremost among these was the rise to stardom of the band Oasis. Lead members Liam and Noel were regularly seen sporting round-framed shades with tinted lenses, taking inspiration from their idol, John Lennon, who was instrumental in this style of glasses becoming extremely popular in the 1960s and 70s.

Small circular optical and sunglasses remained fashionable all throughout the decade, with celebs such as Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Janet Jackson, Lisa Bonnet, Lenny Kravitz, and Justin Timberlake choosing this style as their go-to eyewear of choice.


The Different Types of Round Glasses

This 90s style of sunglasses comes in three different types.


Small and Round Sunglasses

This style is the most authentic to the round shades that were extremely popular in the 1990s. Choose between black lenses or a colorful tinted option to inject some personality into your eyewear!


Oversized Round Sunglasses

Channel Jackie O with a glam pair of oversized round glasses. These styles of shades make a bold statement and tend to regularly feature in the collections of luxe brands such as Chanel, Prada, and Gucci.


Panto Sunglasses

Suiting most face shapes, panto sunglasses have a subtly off-round shape and therefore are a fusion of oval and round frame shapes.


How to Wear 90s Style Round Glasses

Round-framed glasses and sunglasses are enjoying a major fashion comeback! They’re everywhere right now, from the catwalks of Milan to the high street, and the trend shows no sign of waning. If you’d like to try round glasses but aren’t sure if this type of frame would suit you, keep reading for everything you need to know about how to wear the style and make it work for you.


Consider Your Face Shape

Most importantly, think about your face shape. Round 90s style glasses, shades, and prescription sunglasses tend to look best on those with more angular face shapes, such as square and triangle.

If you have a round face, however, there are still ways to make the trend work! Try round sunglasses with a subtle cat’s eye shape – these will likely be flattering and show off your features perfectly!


Choose a Color

In the 90s, round glasses and sunglasses were available that incorporated a wide range of frame colors, and this is the case again today. If you’d like your specs to make a statement, consider shades that feature thick, chunky frames in black – alternatively, opt for red or bright blue for a standout splash of color.

For a classic retro-chic 90s look, go for thin gold-colored frames. This more minimalist choice means your eyewear will easily pair with all your outfits and accessories, so there’s no need to worry about anything clashing!

Select round sunglasses incorporating clear frames for a super contemporary edge on this 90s-style staple. Clear frames offer a clean, crisp look – and if you’d like to try an oversize style of frame but fear they could overwhelm your face, transparent frames offer a subtle way to wear the style that’ll work for most people.


Take into Account Your Skin Tone

Your skin tone largely determines which shades will look best on you, so taking this into account when choosing a frame color is a good idea. If you have a pale skin tone, consider frames in tortoiseshell, brown, bright reds and blues, and pastel shades.

Those with warm skin tones will likely find that frames in gold, yellow, orange, green, and earth tones look best.


Key Round Glasses Trends

Keyhole bridges are emerging as a fashionable new element to the classic 90s sunglasses vibe. The shortened bridge creates a subtle but distinctive look and is increasingly being seen in the collections of luxe eyewear brands such as Prive Revaux and Ray-Ban.

Round glasses featuring tortoiseshell frames will be a key trend of 2023, offering a sophisticated take on the classic 90s-inspired eyewear. Expect the return of Clubmaster frames this season, too. These distinctive frames are characterized by round (or slightly off-round) lenses in frames that are thicker on the top part than the bottom.

Mirrored or gradient lenses will be increasingly seen set in round glasses and sunglasses. In terms of the latter, lenses that phase from black to blue or brown to olive green will be everywhere.


90s-Style Round Glasses: Key Points

Round 90s-style sunglasses are hot right now and available in a range of different frame styles. Round glasses tend to look best on those with square or triangular faces, but round glasses set in a subtle cat’s eye frame can look great on round-faced folk.

For a statement look, opt for thick rims, Clubmaster frames, or gradient lenses; for more discreet styling, choose transparent or gold-colored frames. The latter especially creates an authentic retro-90s aesthetic.


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