Rick Owens to open DRKSHDW pop-ups in London and NYC

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Rick Owens’s denim and knits label DRKSHDW was first launched in 2005, but it’s taken until this year for the brand to open its first freestanding stores, which will pop up as a pair of NY-LON ‘Ephemere’ locations.

Paris-based Owens announced that the larger of the two locations, the New York City store, will open at 70-72 Wooster Street from July 16 to October 26. The second, much smaller spot will appear on London’s Redchurch Street from September 4 to October 13.

Consider the two stores a testing ground for DRKSHDW, which is currently sold in Rick Owens boutiques, and multibrand locations around the world. Prices range from around $300 for a t-shirt to $1,900 for the brand’s hooded bombers. “It’s a lot more accessible, and it’s taken on a personality and has a life of its own,” Owens explained to WWD

It’s apparently punk rock which inspires the minimalist collections: “I always think of the Ramones and ‘What would Joey wear? All of our generation has a little bit of the Ramones in them. There’s something cheery, big and loud about the Ramones,” added the designer. 


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