Replay for FC Barcelona designs in stores soon

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Replay has a four-year deal with the Spanish soccer giants to outfit the team off the field, and back in September, Barcelona players were presented with Replay suits, denim shirts, overcoats.  

Now, in a fun twist, you’ll soon be able to get your hands on some of the pieces themselves. Available to pre-order now, and set to hit stores in December, the Replay and Barcelona FC capsule collection features the official denim shirt created for the players as well as the innovative Denim Zero° jeans. Manufactured using eco-friendly high-pressure ice crystals, the Denim Zero° jeans use 90% less water than standard denim. Prices will range from €69 to €199 for the pieces. 

While major sports apparel companies like Nike and Adidas have long been present in the world of kit design there’s been a spate of recent fashion and football link-ups. Last week Arsenal unveiled a new deal with Parisian luxury brand Lanvin which saw the English Premier League team leaders suiting up in new midnight blue suits designed by Lanvin’s Lucas Ossendrijver.

Meanwhile, earlier in the month the players of Barcelona’s biggest rivals, fellow Spanish team Real Madrid, showed off their new Versace designed suits.

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