Pink Diamond Engagement Ring For The Alluring Bride-To-Be

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Pink is a color often associated with tenderness and love, so to consider this as an engagement ring absolutely makes sense. Depending on its hue, it can radiate either innocence or passion, and once set on a piece of jewelry, you are guaranteed a very special engagement ring.

A pink diamond engagement ring from bespoke jewelry shops such as Astteria is readily available or can be custom-made according to your preferences. But before purchasing one, it is ideal to have a general understanding of this colored stone.


Pink Diamond Engagement Rings: How Are They Made?

Pink diamonds on engagement rings offer a different kind of appeal as opposed to clear ones and even other colors such as red, violet, green and yellow.

It can be that the color pink adds a very endearing feel to the stone, making it a very tempting alternative to a colorless one.

Even the entire development process of colored diamonds is interesting as they are considered to be a product of a flaw in the crystallisation process. But one can barely call this a flaw, given just how beautiful the end result is.

Once a huge block of diamond is mined, they are sent to jewelers for cutting and polishing. Some purchase pink diamonds uncut, while others prefer their already set in pieces of jewelry- ready for the world to see.

Regardless of your preference, choosing a pink diamond engagement ring gives an extra oomph, and one the extra bride will proudly show off.


What Makes Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Special?

Natural pink diamonds are extremely rare and are known to only make up around 1% of the overall total diamond production in the entire world. This says a lot about the shortage in supply, which in fact, stems from the closure of the main supply source, the Argyle Mine in Australia.

But even before the mine closed down, only a handful of pink diamonds were taken from the mineyearly, so having one can be considered an ultimate luxury.


Are Pink Diamond Engagement Rings Expensive?

Giving a specific price on pink diamond engagement rings is challenging because the range is difficult to discern. This is because you don’t only consider the price of the diamond but also the overall rate of the piece of jewelry it is attached to.

But speaking just about the stone, the cut, carat, clarity, and most crucially, the color of a diamond will determine its worth. Generally speaking, the more intense the color of the diamond is, the higher the price you can expect it.

For example, a brighter, vivid 1-carat pink diamond might potentially be worth more than £600,000, while a 1-carat pale pink diamond might sell for £600.

The stone’s origin will also highly affect the overall price. Natural pink diamonds are more expensive than laboratory-grown pink diamonds, but the latter is not at all a bad alternative to the natural one.


Final Thoughts About Pink Diamond Engagement Rings

It is safe to say that pink diamonds are popular for a reason. Having it as the primary stone for your mothers ring will surely be an eye-catching addition.

Whether it comes in the form of a small tone or an intimidatingly huge one, you are sure to find something when you go through the likes of Astteria and their wide range of selections in their online catalog.

Add an enchanting feel to your engagement ring by choosing a pink diamond; surely, you can never go wrong with this color!


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