PFW: Pierrot styling in the mix at Agnès B

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At the Palais de Tokyo, Agnès B opened with her usual nod to the past with Pierrot-style jumpsuits and slouchy linen dresses, all adding up to a sort of retro-peasant chic seen through a minimalist filter. In addition there were bodices, tricorn hats and a “Les Miserables” revolutionary touch with lines of brass buttons on double-breasted jackets. 

The collection then jumped to a 21st century mix of indigo chambray casualwear and sporty sweats. The designer also mixed up urban architecture photo and African-inspired batik prints, with jacquard pieces. 

The shoes were mostly flat save for some high-heeled pumps in metallic tones worn with the intergalactic and futurist print dresses in simple shapes. Soundtracked by a live set from Koudlam, the models (some trotting around the square runway with Cavalier King Charles Spaniels) wore light makeup looks with red lips, and center-parted and loosely tousled hair. 

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