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Issey Miyake designer Yoshiyuki Miyamae opened with a stunning three-pointed star motif, the first hint of a collection packed with fabrics featuring delicate origami-like folds made using an innovative 3D Steam Stretch technique. 

Hats and armadillo-like box clutches and bags were also shaped into otherworldly, yet somehow naturalistic structures, and the use of a clear ice white tone for many of the pieces and semi-sheer layers also helped create a sense of something a bit special. All that white was joined initially by pale beige and soft blues and grays before an explosion of brighter yellow and turquoise colors. 

That said, for all the experimental aspects to the collection, this was still a wardrobe for a practical woman. There were classic silk dresses featuring a tiled print, generously-cut culotte pants and a number of outfits which riffed on traditional men’s shirting. 

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