Paris haute couture: highlights from Schiaparelli

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The sophomore collection from Italian designer Marco Zanini (the man tasked with giving shape and substance to the rebirth of the classic designer label) was packed with dramatic shapes for Fall/Winter 2014. 

The opening pieces featured oversized sleeves and chunky shoulders in fur (the big shoulders ran all the way through the collection), followed by a lovestruck (and bleeding) heart motif.

Zanini worked a cartoonish Art Deco vibe with giant satin bows, hats and headpieces worn at jaunty angles, and elaborate silhouettes. The retro decadence was matched with leopard print pieces (to match the runway) and crocodile leather skirts, belts and jackets. And the animal magic continued with butterfly and pigeon prints on silk, while the inescapable heritage of the brand got a nod via ‘ES’ initials in sequins.

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