Ones to watch at Sao Paulo Fashion Week

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Ones to watch at Sao Paulo Fashion Week.

Both presenting fall collections on the second day of Sao Paulo fashion week, Brazilian designers Vitorino Campos and Patricia Bondali are names to take note of.  Campos is cutting a path with his signature restrained aesthetic, whilst  Bonaldi’s  more dramatic offerings are gaining attention on social media.

Vitorino Campos RF16 0005 Vitorino Campos RF16 0015

Vitorino Campos

At Campos, models walked the runway in a tranquil garden setting. With long and mid length fluid dresses and high waisted jeans, it will be no great leap from catwalk to street for the collection. Bondali’s presentation was altogether less minimalist, with the designer stating, “It’s a Viking nomad that crossed glaciers and deserts for a night on the town with the girls…For this season, I took all the craftsmanship, I usually do, but with only natural materials.”

PatBo RF16 0028 PatBo RF16 0018

Patricia Bondali


Ones to watch at Sao Paulo Fashion Week



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