MSGM and Toilet Paper unite for surreal sweatshirts

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Just last week the fashion world was raving about Kenzo’s latest advertising campaign, art-directed by the creative trio behind Toilet Paper. Well you might have missed the news that designer Massimo Giorgetti’s hip MSGM label had also teamed up with the magazine on a new line of sweatshirts featuring distinctive images from the pages of the magazine.

“The images in Toilet Paper have always captured my attention, inspiring and entertaining me,” said Giorgetti. “I have found thousands of similarities between the subjects of the prints used in my collections and the images printed in the magazine,” added the designer. 

The desire to collaborate was just as strong for Maurizio Cattelan who said: “I have to wear clothes every day, I might as well make my own.”

“Toilet Paper has developed its own style and a recognizable image,” added Toilet Paper co-founder and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari “now we are interested in trying out our images in different mediums. With Massimo, we discovered that a toad in a sandwich works just as well on a sweatshirt.”

The unisex sweatshirts retail for €175 each and went on sale at the beginning of the month via a select group of online retailers including, Lanecrawford and The designs will hit physical MSGM locations in multibrand boutiques from November. 

Image-only magazine Toilet Paper was founded by artist Maurizio Cattelan and photographer Pierpaolo Ferrari in 2010. 


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