Model Ashley Smith previews RVCA capsule

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Smith was first introduced to RVCA founder PM Tenore via photographer Mike Piscitelli and later flew to Costa Mesa, California to work with the company’s designers. The girly collection they created together was inspired by two of her favorite films, “Clueless” and “Cry Baby.” Smith also chose to shoot the campaign with her friend, the photographer Sandy Kim

“Sandy is a really good friend of mine, and I’ve worked with her many times before. I love her style and I love how it’s very representative of my life downtown. Her photos are very raw. I wanted to use her rawness in the campaign. We hung out in my apartment and around my apartment shooting, and it didn’t feel like work,” she told NYLON

The first images show Ashley in the Ani silk blouse with the matching Emilee hair scarf, and the full collection will be unveiled at an event in New York City Friday. RVCA have previously collaborated with fellow American model Erin Wasson. 

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