Milan Fashion Week: closing day highlights

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Fur was the key word at Fendi, where models strolled along a black shag carpet resembling the skin of a furry beast. The primitive aspect of fur, present in everything from coat collars to equestrian helmet-style hats, contrasts with streamlined and modern silhouettes for a remarkably masculine result. Armed for urban adventure, the Fendi man sports rugged materials such as black, shiny leather with thick and warm materials such as woolen knits. In terms of colors, like many of the menswear collections seen in Milan this week, the new Fendi collection did not stray far from a neutral palette of black, grey, chocolate brown and army green.

Giorgio Armani

Something of a dreamer, the Giorgio Armani man has a less imposing style than his counterpart at Emporio Armani (presented Monday). Dressed in grey three-piece suits in luxurious pinstripe fabrics, he strolled nonchalantly down the catwalk, his shirt buttoned all the way to the collar. The silhouettes are mostly clean and classic, with coats that fall in straight lines from the shoulder to the thigh. Only a few sheepskin coats and geometric-patterned sweaters give volume to his look. Grey and black dominate the color palette, often contrasting with pops of navy blue and dark red. Among the signature pieces in the collection: turtleneck sweaters zipped up to the neck, leather gloves, long leather jackets and sweaters with diagonal zippers.

Roberto Cavalli

A biker with a penchant for leather, the Roberto Cavalli man gels his mid-length hair, which is held in place by a thin headband worn just below the hairline. Gold, a color absent from the other collections seen in Milan, is clearly the star color of this Cavalli collection, which also features splashes of red. Refined in blazers and satin shirts, the Cavalli man doesn’t hesitate to toughen up his look a moment later with black leather jackets and pants embossed with geometric patterns for a 3D effect.

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