MFW: leather, suede and denim at Fendi

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The materials are exceptionally varied at Fendi this season, as the looks combine suede, leather, feathers, beads, denim and even PVC, which gives a boldly modern feel to certain tops.

In terms of tailoring, the emphasis is on movement. Pleats, fringes, horizontal cutouts and asymmetrical shapes lend a dynamic quality to the dresses and skirts, both long and short. There are also 3D flowers sewn onto a number of pieces, as seen in a number of other collections this season. A few looks include jodhpurs, which are emerging as one of next season’s top trends, albeit one that might be tricky to pull off.

Brown, black, grey, white and blue dominate the color palette, accented by a few touches of red and pink. One of the prints — a geometric pattern with looping lines, circles and dashes — calls to mind a public transportation map, again underscoring the theme of movement. Others, with orchids, added an element of freshness and femininity. 

In the footwear department, the line includes an array of strappy sandals, whether flats or heels, in blue, black, white, red and even silver. 

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