Menswear trends: the hottest shoes from the runway

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Givenchy – metallic strap 

Riccardo Tisci knows how to start a trend. His work at Givenchy has been a revelation ever since he brought the brand’s menswear under his creative direction in 2008 and his boxy, sporty aesthetic has influenced a host of designers. While the brand’s footwear has always been solid, and has performed well commecially, this latest season is perhaps the first time that there has been such a signature ‘Givenchy shoe’. A classic black loafer with a leather sole, the closure is formed by an aggressive yet sophisticated metalic strap in either shining silver or matte black.  

The studded brogues at Valentino also made an impression, but make no mistakes about it: this is the footwear that the fashion set will be drooling over when it hits stores come fall.

Dries Van Noten – sandals & socks

At the very mention of ‘sandals and socks’ most fashionistas will come over all faint (and not in a good way). The combination has become a byword for fashion disaster; the scourge of middle-aged men on camping holidays.

Trying to breathe new life into the ‘ugly’ is not a new idea: London designer James Long recently tried the socks and sandals combination in a collection, and Stefano Pilati also tried to kickstart the trend during his tenure at Yves Saint Laurent.

However, Dries Van Noten might have finally cracked it with his latest show. With his Asian-inspired outfits, the socks and sandals appeared obvious rather than awkward. Worn with mohair socks, the footwear looked sporty, young and casual, and although perhaps not suited to the slush and snow of the European winter, they’ll be perfect for the fall and spring transition periods.   

Kris Van Assche – half & half

Sneaker-shoes can be a fashion nightmare too. There are plenty of awkward attempts at ‘smart-casual’ blends of smart leather lace-ups and rubber soles yet somehow they always lose the smartness of the lace-ups and the soul of the sneakers. 

Kris Van Assche might just have pulled it off though. In the same way that he spliced casual jerseys into the abdomens of sharp suits in his Fall-Winter 2013 show, he cut the sneaker in half and topped it off with a formal brogue. It was an intelligent and tongue-in-cheek way to combine two classic wardrobe staples, without  compromise. Expect to see plenty of versions of these popping up on the high-street over the next couple of years. 

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