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At Monday’s CFDA Awards, Rachel Mansur and Floriana Gavriel debuted their luxury handbag label Mansur Gavriel’s new clothing and accessory lines. Winners of the Swarovski Award for Accessory Design, Mansur and Gavriel wore matching collared dresses in poppy-red and salmon hues, paired with peach and navy suede clutches and matching shoes. Known for their notorious sell-out leather bucket bags, the design duo showcased their future plans to expand their business into clothing, footwear and a more varied range of accessories.

“We have a very specific visual world in mind for the brand, so we were excited for the opportunity to create our own looks for the evening,” Mansur and Gavriel told, “We made the dresses in Italy, as well as our shoes and clutches.” The pair also stated, “We’ve been developing clutches, among other things,” and added that they “do have plans, but not in the immediate future” to release clothing, as well as more bag designs and shoes.

In discussion of the brand’s recent success at the CFDA Awards, the duo stated, “We are really touched to receive this positive affirmation. The brand is still so young, and it has grown so quickly. It’s very rewarding to receive a vote of confidence from such an established and respected community.”

Designers of the “it-bag” of 2014, Mansur and Gavriel’s expansion into ready-to-wear and footwear is likely to follow the huge commercial success of their luxury leather accessories.

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