Mango To Launch A Collection For Ramadan

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Mango To Launch A Collection For Ramadan

The Barcelona-based brand is said to be the latest high-street retailor to launch a collection especially for Muslim clientele. Joining brands like Marks & Spencer, Uniqulo and Dolce & Gabbana, a spokesperson for Mango stated that ‘the globalization of collections is part of the business development the brand has been applying to different markets for over 10 years now.’

In light of the fact that ‘in 2015 approximately 80 percent of brand turnover corresponded to markets outside Spain’, this same spokesperson stated, it seems like creating a collection to be launched May 30th, ahead of the June 6th start of Ramadan, is both a tactical and inclusive branding move.

Recently Mango has undergone successful attempts at rebranding with the hiring of much sought after supermodels such as Kendall Jenner, Cara Delevingne and Kate Moss, as the new faces of the brand. So this move could be seen as a further attempt at making the clothing accessible to everyone, regardless of his or her race or religion.

A look from Mango's special collection for Ramadan

A look from Mango’s special collection for Ramadan

However despite this seemingly open minded approach this announcement brings, Pierre Berge, the co-founder of Yves Saint Laurent Couture House, stated on Europe 1 radio in March that ‘having worked with Yves Saint Laurent for close to 40 years, I have always believed that a fashion designer is there to make women beautiful and grant them freedom, and not to side with this compulsory dictatorship, this abominable way of hiding women’.

It seems that the French industrialist and patron is singing the same tune as much of his country’s political views regarding Islam and how its followers should or shouldn’t dress. Yet I am of the view that such an abrasive and categorical stance against the clothing traditions of a religious community is just as dogmatic as the ‘compulsory dictatorship’ that Berge seems to be so against.

Although it may be harmful to speak in absolutes to determine what should or shouldn’t be done, should it not be an aim of an artistic and expressive industry such as the fashion industry, to create clothing that both reflects the diversity of culture and gives everyone an equal opportunity to engage with it?

I would argue that is not through isolation and exclusion that change, whatever that may be, can come about but rather through support and community. Therefore with Marks & Spencer offering a full-body swimsuit, Uniqlo and Dolce & Gabbana introducing traditional wear such as hijabs and kebaya, I think Mango, with its 2,200 stores in 109 countries, is taking a progressive step towards a more accepting and globalized fashion industry.

Mango To Launch A Collection For Ramadan

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