Luxury jewelry: the enchanting lilies of Mellerio dits Meller

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For this new high-end line, Mellerio dits Meller chose to return to a theme it knows well: lilies. Inspired by last year’s collection, which was conceived as an homage to Marie de Medicis, the new line takes boldness to a new level through three unique pieces.

The first is the Dentelles de Lys necklace (“Lily Lace”), with a yellow diamond flanked by two diamond-studded tails representing the lily’s stamens. The item can be worn three ways: either with the yellow stone on the chest and the tails on either side or at the back, or with the yellow diamond at the back to highlight the nape of the neck, with the two tails resting on the chest.

The second necklace, the Éclats de Lys (“Bursts of Lilies”) can be worn in eight different configurations, as its carved leaves are full of clever clasps that allow it to be transformed into a bracelet or other item on a whim.

Finally, the last piece in this collection is a pair of Dentelles de Lys earcuffs, made in the same style as the necklace of the same name. For flower lovers everywhere.  

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