Lulu Guinness creates explosive new bags

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Accessories legend Lulu Guinness has unveiled her latest project, an Anish Kapoor-style paint-splatter collaboration titled the Paint Project. 

“I’m driven to create something unique” says Guinness, who teamed up with Steele to create 180 exclusive paint-splattered Lulu Guinness bags, which the designer calls “something that’s never been seen before.”

Steele worked with explosive experts SysFX, to splatter the bags with red, white and black paint: “I find traditional forms of painting slow and boring. My work with explosives is about creating something beautiful out of a moment of chaos,” explains the artist in a video posted by the brand. 

Bags from the Paint Project collection are available now for $446 in Lulu Guinness stores and online. Three of the bags, as well as one from Guinness’s personal collection, will be auctioned off on eBay to benefit children’s charity The Art Room.

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