Lizzie Jagger teams up with Wrangler for moisturizing jeans

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When Wrangler got its name, back in 1947, as a new line of jeans especially designed for tough-as-nails cowboys in North Carolina, the ranchers probably couldn’t have imagined the latest innovation from the company — jeans designed to moisturize your legs.

The latest innovation in denim wear, the jeans are sprayed with cosmetic microcapsules of moisturizing treatment during manufacture, which are then heated to bind to the fibres. This ensures a slow release of the product even when the jeans have been washed. The friction of the skin against the microcapsules slowly breaks them down, ensuring an even and slow release of the product. 

The brand is launching three models (which retail in the UK for £85, or around $135): Smooth legs (anti-cellulite), Olive extract (moisturizing), and Aloe Vera (for sensitive skin). According to the company’s marketing head Adam Kakembo, “women who wear Denim Spa enjoy smooth, moisturized legs with no compromise in style or fit.” The jeans come in low, medium and regular cuts. 

Lizzie Jagger, who grew up in Wranglers while visiting her Texan family (Jagger’s mother is famous American model Jerry Hall), described the feel as “softer and smoother than regular jeans.” The anti-cellulite model offers caffeine, algae and retinol — all claimed to reduce the appearance of ‘orange peel’ skin. Back in 2004, jeans manufacturer Miss Sixty also released a pair of ‘anti-cellulite’ jeans, but the effects were described as a “marketing ploy” by the then head of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons. 

The company advises buyers not to wash the jeans unnecessarily, and after 15 days, those in need of a moisture boost can use the additional reload sprays to top up the product levels in the fabric. 

Wrangler was founded in 1904 as the Hudson Overall Company and is now owned by VF, the world’s largest apparel company (home of Lee and North Face). Lizzie Jagger has previously modeled for Thierry Mugler, Mango, Marks & Spencer and Parisian brand Eleven. 

The jeans will be available on from January 28. 

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