Liberty United and Pamela Love turn guns into jewelry

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Jeweler Pamela Love has designed a new collection of Fall-Winter jewelry for socially conscious start-up Liberty United, which aims to reduce gun violence in American cities by taking illegal guns off the streets, and melting them down into jewelry.

The company (founded by serial entrepreneur Peter Thum) first appeared in June this year, unveiling a debut collaboration with jeweler Phillip Crangi of Giles & Brother.

With pieces starting at $85, NYC-based designer Pamela Love has reimagined some of her top-selling designs including the Aeternum ring, cuff and pendant, the Inlay Cage, and her bestselling Talon cuff.

“I was very excited to work on this project with Peter and Liberty United. Their mission is unique and progressive, and a great way to help effect positive change. I hope more people start moving this direction,” said Love.

Pieces feature a unique serial number linking to the original gun, with other jewelry created from recycled brass bullet casings, stainless and blackened steel and 14-karat gold. Twenty-five percent of profits from the collection will go towards funding programs against gun violence in the US.

“From the moment we met, Pamela was excited about the mission and concept of Liberty United. Beyond her talent and prominence as a designer, I like Pamela as a person. She’s open, thoughtful and frank. She makes the pursuit of great design and our mission fun,” explained Peter Thum, Liberty United’s founder. 

Thum previously created clean water startup Ethos; acquired by Starbucks in 2005, the charity has provided more than $6 million in funding for water and sanitation programs around the world. In 2009 he founded Fonderie 47 which, working on the same principles as Liberty United, has removed 32,000 assault weapons from conflict and post-conflict zones and turned their metal parts into jewelry. 

The designs will hit the Pamela Love and Liberty United online stores this fall.  

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