Lefties – the Zara outlet you never knew about

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The 21-year-old brand first founded by Zara parent company Inditex to sell its leftover men’s, women’s and kids’ stock seems like one of fashion’s longest-lasting secrets. However, it now looks like its success is blowing its cover — Lefties now boasts 93 standalone locations in Spain and 16 over the border in Portugal.

As Inditex fights against retailers like H&M and Primark for the hearts and minds of budget-conscious fashion fans, the company is set to ramp up Lefties in a major way. It has already started with a rebrand: refurbishing stores, creating new Lefties lines and upgrading the website (sadly there’s no e-commerce, yet). 

“I think it’s only a matter of time before Inditex treats it as a separate brand and breaks out its figures,” Carlos Hernandez from retail consultancy Planet Retail told Reuters. This could mean Lefties stores in the rest of Europe, including the high streets of the UK and Germany, and sooner rather than later. Keep a close watch on this brand over the next year!

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