Keep Your Hair Healthy & Strong During Winter With These Tips

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Although many of us would love hot weather to stay all year round, unfortunately winter has to come eventually! While sun tanning, outdoor BBQs, and swimming at the beach are all things that are put on hold when the cold weather lands, it also means your hair care routine needs to be changed. Hair health is always important, but preventing damage to your locks during winter is what you’ll need to focus on when the wind, rain, and maybe even snow arrives.

Discover how to combat dryness, static, frizz, and flat hair if you live in a place where the winters are particularly harsh.

Don’t forget scalp hydration

Winter is a tough season to handle for many reasons! While it’s good to wear beanies when outside to prevent the freezing winds from damaging your hair (not to mention keeping your head and ears warm), having something covering your hair and often staying in a heated room leads to less moisture on your scalp. If you notice a dry, flaky scalp, then try using leave-in conditioners and hair oils to include more moisture and promote hydration. You can simply rub these treatments into your scalp, leave them to sit for around 20 minutes, then wash and condition your hair as normal. There are also special shampoos that remove flakes and help your scalp when it’s dry.

Don’t wash your hair so often

Unless your hair and scalp get particularly oily, there’s rarely a reason to wash your hair every day. Our scalps produce natural oils that moisturize and shield the hair against the coldness of winter. Washing your hair every day will remove a lot of these natural oils and likely lead to a dryer scalp. If your hair can handle it, try to shampoo around two or three times a week and include weekly hair masks to ensure your scalp is at its strongest during winter. You can even consider cutting your hair shorter so that there’s less to deal with! For those with lighter shades, you might want to try out these ideas for short blonde hair that will reduce maintenance and make things easier when it’s cold

Don’t go outside without drying your hair

Even if you’re in a rush in the morning, avoid going outside into the cold without properly dried hair. Wet hair often leads to breakage and color fading when it’s greeted by cold temperatures and strong winds. If you’ve got the time, then air-drying is often the best way after showering. If not, try a blow-dryer on the lowest setting (too much heat also leads to hair breakage and a dry scalp) or use a cotton towel to pat your hair dry very softly.

Embrace the miracle that is dry shampoo

If you find that your hair is looking a bit flat and misshapen after being hit by winds and wearing a hat most of the day, you can revitalize it with the help of dry shampoo. A small amount helps moisture seep back into your scalp and creates volume for your hair. Carry a bottle around with you if you need a bit of hair TLC at the right moment when arriving somewhere indoors.


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