In the mood of Zuhair Murad: "Thierry Mugler is a master of tailoring"

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Relaxnews: What famous person, historical or contemporary, could best represent this collection?
Zuhair Murad: Sienna Miller for her youthful blonde hair, her sky blue eyes and her angelic face.

R: Where were you when you found the inspiration for this collection? What was the light-bulb moment?
ZM: This new collection is inspired by the landscaping of the magnificent garden that surrounds my house, located atop a hill. This haven of peace and quiet that I wanted to be magical, brimming with lush vegetation and flowers, was an endless source of inspiration for my new designs, which are enchanting and ethereal, in pastels or brimming with flowers.

R: If you had to sum up your collection in just one piece, which would you choose?
ZM: [The designer takes out an illustration of a long strapless dress in a pale aqua color, embroidered with flowers in pastel tones (lavender, blue, pink and white)]

R: Could Rihanna, a true fashion icon, represent your label? What look would you pair her with?
ZM: [The designer presents a second illustration of a look from his Spring-Summer 2014 haute couture collection, showing a shimmering gold jumpsuit with a plunging neckline, worn with matching stilettos].

R: Has a particular couturier inspired you in the past or present?
ZM: The great couture masters, and particularly Mister Thierry Mugler, whom I admire greatly. In my eyes, Mr. Mugler is a master of technique and skilled tailoring. Ultra-femininity has always been his ultimate goal in his designs.

R: What do you dislike about the fashion world?
ZM: This constant stress that can affect my life on certain days.

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