In the mood of Y/PROJECT’s Glenn Martens: "the guys we dress do business with class but also dig clubbing"

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Relaxnews: Is there a famous person, historical or contemporary, who could represent this new collection?
Glenn Martens:
I don’t really have role models. I respect and look up to many different people for many different reasons. Y/PROJECT is all about versatility, both in attitude as in comfort. The guys we dress are nailing every single situation of their life. They manage their business with class but also dig clubbing through their nights.

I do think it’s easy to see a reflection of yourself in our collections. It’s all a matter of being open-minded and flexible… it’s for the men who dare the challenges of life.

R: If you had to sum up your collection in just one key piece, which would you choose? Can you describe it? How would you accessorize the collection?
I see many highlights! I did especially love developing our white pieces in oiled cotton. The fabric is slightly transparent so it’s all about the mind-boggling graphic game of translucent seam allowances, contrasting facings and linings. The overall look is rough but once you go further into detail you’re discovering a subtle base of transparencies.

For SS we’ve developed a great new backpack. It’s simple, easy, straight-forward. The concept is just right. Fits perfectly with the collection.

R: What was the source of inspiration for this collection?
GM: I’m living in Paris and I’m surrounded by kids of the 80s and the 90s. They’ve all raved into adulthood and are now respectable workaholics, building on promising careers. Nevertheless, at points, it’s clear they’ve not forgotten their explosive past. I love that duality.

R: Can you name a movie or some music that could be associated with this collection?
GM: So many very different films and soundtracks feed me and therefore feed the collection…

Marin Marais, 18+, the notwist, Light Asylum, “Metropolis,” “Barry Lyndon,” “Eternal sunshine of the spotless mind,” “Solaris”… I love baroque operas and I also listen to a lot of hip hop. I’m quite eclectic.

R: What idea or which person best defines contemporary elegance?’
GM: I believe elegance is mostly about attitude. A bit of taste can be helpful.

R: What made you decide to become a fashion designer?
GM: I basically fell into it. I graduated much too young from my first studies and didn’t feel ready to start working being only 21. I decided to do more studies. I had heard of this fashion academy in Antwerp and thought it could be “fun” to study there. I gave it a shot and got accepted into the first year… I totally didn’t think it through. It never crossed my mind I actually had to personally stitch those collections I was drawing back then. Nevertheless I got immediately hooked. I love the human aspect of the design. On one side fashion can be art but on the other side they’re also just clothes. The line is very fine and therefore very challenging.

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