In the mood of Raffaele Borriello for Leonard: "I’d love to design the costumes for a remake of ‘Rear Window’"

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Relaxnews: What is the signature piece of this Spring/Summer 2014 collection?
Raffaele Borriello: A dress in layered organza, short in the front and long in the back, hand-painted like a Pollock painting.

R: What personality, historical or contemporary, could wear every piece from your new collection?
RB: Jacqueline Bisset, for her elegance and her sophisticated beauty.

R: A film, an image, or a sound: what would best represent the spirit of your new collection?
RB: Lana Del Rey’s voice.

R: If you could give Cara Delevingne a new look, what would you propose?
RB: [I would dress her in] my jersey prints and electric blue leather jacket.

R: If you could design the costumes for an adaptation of a well-known work, which would you choose?
RB: I would like to design the costumes for a remake of Alfred Hitchcock’s “Rear Window.”

R: How do you think the luxury and fashion industries will evolve over the coming years?
RB: The true luxury of fine craftsmanship and artisanal practices will have an increasingly strong following.

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