In the mood of Rad Hourani: ‘I’d dress Cara Delevingne all in white to give her more of a good girl look’

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Relaxnews: Which is the most representative garment in this fall/winter wardrobe?
Rad Hourani: The convertible unisex coat, which can be converted into a jacket, dress, skirt and even a knapsack.

R: Can you think of any celebrity, living or deceased, who could wear every item in this fall/winter collection?
RH: Michael Jackson, for everything he was.

R: What would you do if you could make over Cara Delevingne?
RH: I’d like to make over Cara Delevingne in white to make her look more like a good girl.

R: Is there a certain film, image or sound that would mesh best with your new collection?
RH: The new album by Chris Garneau, who we engaged to sing live a piano composition custom-made for my show.

R: How do you think the fashion and luxury industries will evolve over the years to come?
RH: I think we need more and more haute couture and high-end products because we’re living in an age in which everything’s made fast, without quality or design.

R: We loved “The Great Gatsby.” If you could design the costumes for the film adaptation of a well-known story, which one would you pick?
RH: “La Notte” (“The Night”) and all of Michelangelo Antonioni’s other films for the beauty of his images and stories.


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