In the mood of Paul Smith: ‘I could imagine this collection on an eclectic artist or rock ‘n’ roll musician’

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Relaxnews: Is there a famous person, a historical or contemporary icon, who could represent this new collection?
Paul Smith: I don’t have a particular icon in mind, the collection takes inspiration more broadly on the style of musicians and artists. As I’m sure you’re aware, I have a strong connection with the music industry and I’ve worked for many years with bands and musicians. Also, I have quite a substantial art collection and have showed artists’ work in exhibitions in many of my shops around the world. The icon I suppose is a more eccentric or eclectic artist or rock’n’roll musician.

R: If you had to sum up your collection in just one key piece, which would you choose? Can you describe it?
PS: No single item is key, it’s really about mixing, not wearing an entire suit but wearing a jacket and trousers in mismatched fabric or colours. I suppose if there’s a key idea, it’s anything with a bigger silhouette.

R: Can you name a film or some music that could be associated with this collection?
PS: Not a film but perhaps the idea of an extravagant art fair, maybe the Venice Biennale, where artistic people gather together for these very smart events and parties. The way they dress there is inspiration.

R: What idea or which person best defines contemporary elegance?
PS: Elegance is very hard to define in today’s world because you don’t find elegance in dressing in the way you used to. It’s more about people wearing clothes in a stylish way than in an elegant way.

R: What made you decide to become a fashion designer?
PS: I never set out to be a fashion designer but after a bicycle accident put me in hospital for three months, I discovered my local art college and fell in love with creativity.

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