In the mood of Melinda Gloss’s Mathieu de Menonville and Remi de la Quintaine: “Elegance is embodied by a man who is curious and approaches life in style”

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Relaxnews: Is there a famous person, historical or contemporary, who could represent this new collection?
Mathieu de Menonville & Remi de la Quintaine :
Ernest Hemingway

R: If you had to sum up your collection in just one key piece, which would you choose? Can you describe it? How would you accessorize the collection?
MM & RQ:
An oversized lambskin leather (plush textured) overcoat with set-in sleeves on the front and raglan sleeves on the back. To be worn with a sand-colored overnight bag in calfskin.

R: What was the source of inspiration for this collection?
MM & RQ:
Traveling, African patterns mixed with sandy colors, warm tones and a taste of adventure.

R: Can you name a movie or some music that could be associated with this collection?
MM & RQ:
Nat King Cole ‘s “Aquellos Ojos Verdes”

R: What idea or which person best defines contemporary elegance?
MM & RQ:
The Parisian man who reads at the Café de Flore, who travels; a man who is curious and approaches life with style, independence and a casual touch.

R: What made you decide to become a fashion designer?

MM & RQ: Wanting to express our love for beautiful things and make sure fashion carries on existing within that French art de vivre we love.

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