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Which is your favorite of the fashion capitals (NYC, Milan, London, Paris) and why?

My favorite place is New York, because of all the parties during the Fashion Week!

What are your top three tips for staying in shape during fashion week?

My top three tips for staying in shape are: one, if in Milan, avoiding eating pizza every day! There’s not much to eat there other than pizza and paninis! Two, I like to run in the mornings, and I guess three is doing press-ups and sit-ups whenever possible!

What’s your favorite reading material while you’re waiting around backstage/at castings?

I don’t read much, and it’s just so easy to play games on the iPhone… I like playing Angry Birds or Tiger Woods golf.

What’s the craziest behind-the-scenes disaster you’ve witnessed? 

It was at the Calvin Klein show and someone was supposed to have a shirt on just as he was going out on the catwalk, and the stylist Panos made one by cutting a material, putting a fake collar in and it was all done in 30 seconds! And it looked absolutely fine, no one could tell that it wasn’t a real shirt.

What’s your ideal post-fashion week comfort meal?

I like going home and having a big roast dinner cooked by my mum! 

What three things could the fashion industry change to make models’ lives easier?

It would make our lives so much easier if they told us straight up at the castings if they liked us or not! Sometimes at castings you can wait for anything up to three hours and then as you walk in they just say, ‘thank you, goodbye’! You never know what they are thinking.

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