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Which is your favorite of the fashion capitals, and why?

NYC – It’s an amazing city! People are very diverse, with their own style. Also they seem to be very carefree and enjoying life! It is also very easy to get around and I never get enough of just walking everywhere.

What are your top tips for staying healthy during fashion week?

No junk food!

What’s your favorite reading material while you’re waiting around backstage/at castings?

I am a victim of love novels. I usually read something addictive, and if I happen to have plenty of time to kill, I try to study and read my psychology books!

What’s the craziest behind-the-scenes disaster you’ve witnessed?

I have not yet witnessed any disasters – thankfully!

What’s your ideal post-fashion week comfort meal?

When I finish fashion week I usually go home and my parents make me all my favorite dishes! It’s like Christmas for me! It includes mostly traditional Estonian food.

What three things could the fashion industry change to make models’ lives easier?

There could be only a few castings where all the clients come together and see the models! And use models that have already finished school.


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