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Which is your favorite of the fashion capitals, and why?

I can’t choose between London + Paris. At first it was London hands down, but Paris has really grown on me! Both are such amazing cities with so many captivating looks and historic sites. When it comes to shows in both places, they are actually show productions – like a play with a storyline! The only difference is that Paris is a lot easier to navigate.

What are your top three tips for staying healthy during fashion week?

1. Water. Water. And more WATER!!! – I always have a bottle of water with me and am constantly drinking throughout the day.

2. It is really important to have healthy snacks every 2-3 hours during fashion week. There is no time to sit down and eat, however, it is really important to constantly nourish yourself.

3. Airborne (i don’t know if that’s just an American thing, but it is a food supplement packed with multi-vitamins and minerals – just drop it in hot water and you are good to go!)

What’s your favorite reading material while you’re waiting around backstage/at castings?

I have stocked my iPhone up with a bunch of educational things… Audio, news articles, books. But fashion magazines will always do the trick!

What’s the craziest behind-the-scenes disaster you’ve witnessed?

The craziest is when you have to share shoes with a girl, like, 3 places ahead of you in the show line-up – especially when they’re really hard to get on! And everyone is yelling and pulling… It’s madness but I love it! Or what’s better is when you have to share a shirt – quick changes are key! 😛

What’s your ideal post-fashion week comfort meal?

After last fashion week I came home just in time for Thanksgiving with my family. Turkey. Stuffing. Gravy. Sweet potatoes. Green beans. Cranberry sauce. There is nothing better!

What three things could the fashion industry change to make models’ lives easier?

1. The Model Zone/ Model Lounge does an incredible job creating a space away from promoters, agents, and the sheer madness of it all! It is aimed for models to just breathe and get pampered! There should definitely be more retreats like this!

2. A lot of the times catering at shows in London is non-existent or there are just a few apples/ nibbles to share amongst everyone! They should make sure that there are adequate and healthy options for the girls.

3. I think the Model Alliance is doing a good job shedding light on the fact that models are human beings and NOT mannequins! That they actually need to eat and sleep and be respected. If anything, the industry could simply support their effort in making and enforcing guidelines to protect the girls and everyone from makeup artists to stylists, etc.

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