In the mood of Dévastée: ‘The process had to be obvious and natural’

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What’s the key piece in this collection and why? 
It’s a long shirt cut in half by a line of gathering. It is made of a jacquard fabric that we spent several weeks creating in Italy and which presents various specific motifs in silver Lurex thread. This was the first piece we designed, and it opened up new possibilities for clothing prototypes.

Which female icon could be the face of this collection? 
There are two: the Moon and Bluebeard’s wife.

What was the initial spark or starting point for this season? 
Since spring, we have been immersed in preparations for the store we are opening in Tokyo this December. We have spent so much time drawing up the architectural elements and furnishings that this process ended up having a major influence on the collection.

The boutique is actually a house that we are converting, and it’s the spirit of this house that inspired us.

Can you sum up the collection in one word and explain your choice?  
A staircase. It would be a black staircase, seen from below, with around 20 steps rising towards a slightly ajar door. And it’s a door that leads to images leaving an immediate impression on our imagination.

What was the biggest challenge you encountered creating this collection? 
We never wanted to feel like we were working. The process had to be obvious and natural, a little like when a child draws. When one creates, the limit between idleness and productivity is already somewhat blurred; we wanted to make it disappear completely. 

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