In the mood of Christine Phung: ‘I’d love for Sofia Coppola to wear the pieces in my collection’

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Relaxnews: What is the signature piece of this Spring/Summer 2014 collection?
Christine Phung
: If I could only pick one, it would be the pleated print dresses, because they truly symbolize my work: the ultra-couture, graphic and very feminine aspect. I incorporated a lot of pleating in this collection with Monsieur Lognon, a specialist of traditional pleating whose grandfather was already practicing his craft in the time of Napoleon III.

R: What personality, historical or contemporary, could wear every piece from your new collection?
CP: Sofia Coppola is, in my eyes a true model of an active and creative woman, combining elegance, modernity, originality and freshness. I would love for her to wear the pieces in my collection. 

R: A film, an image, or a sound: what would best represent the spirit of your new collection?
CP: The sound of one’s own breathing underwater, and the image of a woman who dives from on high into the water, with the feeling of dissolving like an effervescent aspirin tablet.

R: If you could give Cara Delevingne a new look, what would you propose?
CP: I would give her a look combining an electric blue organza top with my silk “William” print mini-shorts, for the touch of quirky style, and finally, my white jacket, with a collar that is slightly off-center and detached, to complete the ensemble.

R: If you could design the costumes for a film adaptation of a well-known book, which would you choose?
CP: The novel “La promesse de l’aube” [translated into English as “Promise at Dawn”] by Romain Gary, for its journey through different time periods, its humor and its emotion.

R: How do you think the luxury and fashion industries will evolve over the coming years?
CP: I foresee a shift in the polarities of the world. Certain emerging nations are beginning to overconsume. We, in the West, impoverished, we find ourselves faced with the reality of our enormous wastefulness. I hope for degrowth in our countries and I sincerely hope for balance and moderation is found in emerging nations, even though I understand the fascination.

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