In the mood of Andrew GN: ‘Fashion should be taken with a light-hearted spirit…’

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What’s the key piece in this collection and why?
A pale green coat with a trompe-l’œil anis-green obi belt and appliqué cherry blossoms in leather. It symbolizes Japan, then, now, tomorrow.

Which female icon could be the face of this collection?
Diana Vreeland (former editor in chief of Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue), an eccentric, brilliant and amazingly elegant woman.

What was the initial spark or starting point for this season?
A picture of maikos (young geishas) amidst blossoming cherry trees.

How did you pick the soundtrack for the collection?
“Vagaries of fashion” by the Brighton electro-rock group FUJIYA & MIYAGI, a rather unsettling soundtrack.

Can you sum up the collection in one word? Why?
Whimsical, because fashion should be taken with a light-hearted spirit…

What was the biggest challenge you encountered creating this collection?
Working with a very strong palette of clashing colors.

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