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Vionnet has announced the appointment of one of fashion’s biggest and most avant-garde names, Hussein Chalayan, as the new designer of the Demi-Couture collection.

Chalayan will work with Vionnet Chairman and Creative Director Goga Ashkenazi to create a line of one-off pieces, which will hit the runway at this month’s haute couture fashion week in Paris.  

“Chalayan is one of the most creative and provocative designers working in fashion today”, said Ashkenazi. “I have always been intrigued by his conceptual approach and the fearless way his work travels outside the traditional confines of fashion. It is an honor for me to work with someone I admire so much.”

Chalayan designs for his own namesake label and has previously collaborated with Puma on a collection of sneakers.

“The combined elements of Goga Ashkenazi’s creative energy and entrepreneurial approach together with the unparalleled heritage of the house makes this an exciting collaboration for me,” explained the 43-year-old designer.

Vionnet’s ‘Demi-Couture’ concept aims to mix the accessibility of ready-to-wear with the exclusivity and technical expertise of haute couture and is now in its third year. We can’t wait to see Chalayan’s twist on the concept. 

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