How to Dress for a Rainy Festival

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While restrictions are still in place to some degree across the country, there are a lot of festivals that are hoping to push forward later this summer. Many of these UK festivals are being held after all restrictions have supposedly ended, which gives them a promising chance of going ahead. However, the weather in the UK doesn’t always like to play along, and you can bet that at least one festival this summer will experience downpours!

If you’re starting to look at your festival collection, you have no doubt wondered how you can make sure you’ve covered every eventuality when it comes to the forecast. Whispering Smith take a closer look at how to style some looks for a rainy festival weekend.

Layering combinations

The UK weather is unpredictable and can change at any minute, which means you’ll likely experience all four seasons during a festival. It can be helpful to incorporate pieces in your collection that can be easily layered together, so they can be piled on when the weather turns chilly and taken off when the sun comes out, without losing any style.

Crop tops and sweatshirts are a great duo, giving you a choice depending on the temperature. Graphic printed sweatshirts can still look great at a festival, and so it can give you two looks in one. For a third layer to be sure, a check or striped overshirt in between the crop top and sweatshirt is a great addition.


Festival Shorts are a typical go-to style for the summer months, so make sure they are part of this year’s festival season. They can be much more comfortable in the heat than trousers, should the festival experience a mini heatwave, and they could be your saviour if it starts to rain.

Rain at a festival often results in mud, and both can be disastrous if you’re wearing trousers. You’ll find your trousers quickly stick to your legs, take ages to dry and are done for once they get covered in mud. On the other hand, shorts means that while your legs might get wet and muddy, it’s easy to dry off and clean them!

Rain jacket

We know that jackets can often ruin your aesthetic and cover half your outfit, but it’s inevitable that at some point during a festival you will need to throw on a rain jacket. With that in mind, look for rain jackets that add style rather than cover it up. Patterned and brightly coloured rain jackets can make a great statement and will easily go with whatever else you’re wearing.

Alternatively, clear rain jackets are becoming much more popular because you can still see your full outfit through it, while keeping you dry and comfortable.

Chunky boots

Chunky shoes have been a big trend as of late, which is perfect for the upcoming festival season. Chunky boots are as fashionable as they are practical, so if rain and mud is going to be present, you can rest assured your feet will be well protected. What’s more, this style of boot can be easily dressed with any ensemble, giving the outfit a grungy edge which is great for festivals.

Chunky boots can be great for lighter rain conditions, but consider the weather forecast and if it looks really bad, don’t forget wellies.


Hats are a great accessory for festivals, whether it’s a cap, bucket hat or any other style. Not only will they add extra detail to your chosen outfit, but they might just protect you from the rain too. Hats could save your hair from the rain until it’s safe to take it back off, or they can also hide your hair if it’s passed its washing date!

Bucket hats have been particularly popular for festivals, so look for eye-catching styles including different prints and colours.


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